Quick responses about your next fixie

Why should I buy a Margot bicycle?

Because they are light weight, high quality, designed and handmade in Italy. Also, they are easily switchable from freewheel into fixed gear. 

What does designed in Italy mean?

It means that the matching of colours and the choice of design, materials, components and their unique mix per model, is realized in Italy.

What about the quality?

Our bikes are high quality. Please, have a look at the detailed specs and check them out on the internet.

What about the weight of my Margot bicycle?

Margot fixies are light weight (Hi-Tensile Steel and Aluminium). Size 54 weighs 23.3 pounds (10.6 Kg). Size 58 weighs 24 pounds (10.9 Kg). 

May I ask for customizations?

No, you may not, because our bicycles are already packed and ready for shipment.

What type of payment do you accept?

We accept credit cards and Paypal (we are Paypal verified). We also accept direct bank transfers (in this case, your order will be shipped when the funds have cleared in our account). 

How much time should I wait for delivery?

We deliver to Great Britain in 4 working days. To Northern Ireland and Ireland the delivery time is 8 working days. 

Where is my Margot bicycle shipped from?

All Margot bicycles are shipped from Italy. Our factory and warehousing is close to Milan (BIART. Viale Industrie 11/24 - Arese - MI - Italy).

When will my order ship?

If you place your order before 11:00 AM GMT time, it will ship same day.

If the courier tries to deliver when I'm not at home, what will happen? 

They will leave you a note. They will try one more delivery attempt the following day. If you will not be at home again, then you will have to pick up your bike at the courier warehouse (the closest to your address). 

In which countries may I ask to deliver my bicycle?

UK, Norway, Switzerland.

What about VAT?

According to the law, we must sell without VAT when shipping from a UE country to a non-UE country. We ship from Italy.

Will I receive a shipment confirmation?

Yes, at the shipment you will receive an email referring also to the expected delivery date.

What about the refund policy?

Please, have a look at our refund policy 

What about warranty?

Please, have a look at our warranty policy

How can I be sure that my model is currently in stock?

It's easy! Once you have chosen your model and size, you will read aside "Now available" if it is in stock. Anyway, you will be allowed to order only models and sizes in stock.

Which size does fit me?

You will find the following guide when choosing your model.

SIZE 54:         Height  Mt 1,64 > 1,79.          Height Feet  5' 4.5''   >  5' 10.5''  

SIZE 58:         Height  Mt 1,80 > 1,95.          Height Feet  5' 10.6'' >  6' 4.8''


Is there any physical store where I can see and buy my Margot bicycle?

No, there is not. We do not have any physical store. Our store is this website.

How can I buy a Margot bicycle?

The only way to buy one of our fixed single speed bikes is to place an order on this website.

Does my bike come fully assembled?

Your new fixie bike will be delivered 90% assembled. You will need to install front wheel, pedals, handlebar and seat. Instructions are here

Margot bikes are equipped with a flip-flop hub. What does this mean?

Flip-flop hubs are rear bicycle hubs that gear one fixed cog on one side and one free wheel cog on the other side. 

Margot bikes come with the rear wheel equipped with a flip-flop hub, so you have the option of riding fixed gear or free wheel.

When riding with a fixed gear bike the rear cog will always rotate along with the pedals. So, you can not stop pedaling once you start moving and if you pedal backwards the bikes proceeds backwards as well. The pedals are always moving and you can not go for inertia. Some riders prefer the fixed mode because it makes the rider feel connected to the bike.

When riding in free wheel mode, you can go for inertia and relax while riding because pedals do not continually rotate.  

This is the standard configuration and most people prefer it.

Is my bicycle delivered free wheel or fixed gear?

Margot bikes come delivered in free wheel mode.

How to convert my Margot bicycle into fixed gear mode?

If you wish to convert into fixed gear mode, please, read our directions.

Is my bicycle delivered with both front and rear brake?

Yes, it is, because you need both brakes when riding free wheel. When converting into fixed gear, you can remove the rear brake; it's up to you. Both brakes are very easily removable, but it is not safe to remove the front brake too. We do not recommend it. 

What about the gear ratio of my Margot fixed bike?

Your single speed gear ratio is 46:16. Fast on the flats and easy enough on hill climbs.